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Marine Surveys & Boat Inspections
Fees & Information


Vessel Surveys and Inspections; 35 per metre, rounded up to nearest whole metre

Marine Consultancy and Investigations; 280 per day or 35 per hour, minimum 6 hours

Expenses; 45p per mile or rail fare, Meals 8.00.


MCA Small Commercial Vessel Code

Owners of Passenger Vessels and Workboats should obtain the Application Form, Fees and Terms directly from our MCA Certifying Authority, BCTQ of Southampton.

Their contact details are;


Tel: 023 8033 9449. Fax: 023 8033 9440.

Address; Burness Corlett - Three Quays (Southampton) Limited, Beresford House, Town Quay, Southampton, SO14 2AQ


Damaged speedboat under repair in Cardiff BayDamaged Sailing Dinghy








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